Pionair 1500 Unit




Elevate your indoor air quality with our large room air purifier!

The Pionair air treatment system uses photocatalysis technology to safely and effectively clean the air in your home or business. Without using any filters, the Pionair can purify your home or office in complete silence. This large room air purifier unit can also be effective for allergy management. One problem that goes by unnoticed in every home is airborne mold, which is one of the main causes of allergies and respiratory problems. The Pionair system can greatly reduce this mold through its air treatment process.

  • Covers 800SQ.FT. – 1500SQ.FT.
  • May be used for a single room or small office space
  • Dimensions 4”w x 11 h x 5”d ( About the size of ½ gallon of milk container)
  • The unit has 3-year unconditional parts and labor warranty
  • Quiet as a light bulb. No maintenance, just replace lamp module annually. No filter to buy or clean.
  • Lamp module has 12 month prorated warranty
  • This unit treats all 3 categories of air pollutants:
    • Particulate includes: dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke
    • Microbial includes: mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and some viruses
    • Chemicals and odors include household cleaners such as bleach and ammonia, cook odors, and chemicals leaching out of carpet, furniture, vinyl, and drapes.

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*This is not a medical device and we make no claims that the Pionair will cure or treat illnesses or health issues. Statements made by customers as testimonials are their own opinion based on their experience. These are unsolicited and not paid.