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Experience the leading air treatment system that
goes beyond air purifiers!

Clean air: it’s something few of us ever truly experience, yet we all think we have it. It’s only when we leave the cities and trek to an obscure point on the map where pollution hasn’t had a chance to settle, that we realize what we have been missing.

Breathe deeply and inhale healthy, fresh air with Pionair air purifiers!

When HealthQuest Technologies first began, our mission statement was simple: clean air for everyone. We would not compromise on any point in our quest to make the best air purification unit available, and with the Pionair we think we have succeeded in our goal.

Explore clean, fresh air with UV light air filtration!

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Imagine, leading indoor air quality that supports your health. This is UV light air purification from Pionair!

The Pionair air treatment system uses photocatalysis technology to safely and effectively clean the air in your home or business.

Without using any filters, the Pionair can purify up to 1,500 square feet in complete silence. Not only that, but this system can also be given an extra feature called Smart Point that allows it to apply ionization to the air treatment process.

Click here to look at the list of professionals who recommend this product. This unit can also be effective for allergy management.

One problem that goes by unnoticed in every home is airborne mold, which is one of the main causes of allergies and respiratory problems. The Pionair system can greatly reduce this mold through its air treatment process.




"I ended up purchasing the Smart Pointe module (1500) for my home. So far, it has delivered as promised, leaving our home with a fresh clean scent, without perfume and deodorizer cover-ups. I am in the middle of house training two puppies, and so my primary concern is odor control. The Pionair unit has significantly reduced odor. Also, strong food odors dissipate, and for stubborn carpet odors, placing the unit near or even on the area directly for about an hour (covered with a towel or blanket) does the trick."

- Bill Ouellette

"We highly recommend this product for anyone with carpet, pets and or allergies. Mr. Kerr was very helpful; the air treatment system is built sturdy; is stream line and will go in any décor; there is no noise coming from it; and in general I would recommend it The investment is worth the cost for clean and healthier air Thank you very much for making our lives healthier and more enjoyable."

- Diana Robert

"The PIONAIR™ air cleaning system is the most remarkable product I have tried. Because I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis, I have used several other types of air cleaners. With your product, there is no noisy fan, no motor running, no filters to replace and I am very pleased. Most of all, I am convinced I am breathing easier and using my inhalers less often."

- Dona Williams