Pionair 1500 Lamp Module with Activated Charcoal & Silver


Activated Charcoal absorbs mycotoxins (the component of mold that causes illness) and effectively neutralizes them and their harmful effects. Granulated Silver has potent anti-microbial properties

**** PLEASE NOTE ****

When removing and replacing your current lamp module from the Pionair air filtration system, it’s easiest to use a flathead screwdriver to insert into the back of the system. Once inserted, there’s a simple release that should be triggered by lightly rotating the flathead screwdriver. Please be gentle, but you should hear a light release click! Once released, remove the screwdriver and your current Lamp Module should be free to remove.

Our powerful air filtration works with the influence of UV light! It’s quiet and provides homes and businesses with an amazingly fresh indoor air quality!

  • Effortless maintenance
  • Long lasting (please replace lamp after one year)
  • 1 Year Pro-Rated Warranty