Use the power of activated oxygen to keep your fresh produce fresher, longer!

Are you prone to throwing out produce because you forgot about it or didn’t eat it quickly enough? Stop wasting your money and healthy produce when you get a Mini Mate for your refrigerator!

  • Save money
  • Combats bacteria with activated oxygen
  • Battery operated


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The MiniMate uses activated oxygen to improve food safety, make your produce last longer, and save you money (the average family throws out over $400 per year in spoiled fruits and vegetables). The MiniMate is specially designed to work with your refrigerator, upgrading its capabilities and fighting off the germs that can infect your food.

Q: Does this product/technology really work?
A: Absolutely, many years ago the FDA approved activated oxygen for use on and around foods because it kills germs and leaves no residue. Both the cut flower and wholesale produce industries have used it for years to extend the life of their products.
Q: How much money will I save?
A: The average person throws out over $400 worth of spoiled fruits and vegetables every year. With the MiniMate, you can reduce this number drastically, potentially saving over $40 a month! In other words, the MiniMate will pay for itself in less than six weeks.
Q: What is activated oxygen?
A: Three atoms of oxygen make up activated oxygen. When this molecule comes in contact with another molecule like one that makes an odor in your refrigerator it attaches to it and oxidizes it. When it attaches to most germs it kills them.
Q: How big is it?
A: It is about the size of one and a half boxes of baking soda.
Q: Where should I put it?
A: It is best to locate the MiniMate on the top shelf of your refrigerator. Activated oxygen is heavier than air, so it will fall down and treat the entire area.
Q: What size batteries does it use? How long do they last and how do I know when to replace them?
A: The MiniMate uses 4 D cell batteries which normally last about 6 months. You should replace the batteries when the green light on the front of the unit turns red.
Q: How do I know it is working?
A: When you install the batteries a green light will come on and when you open the refrigerator door you will see it. You will also notice that your fresh produce lasts longer.
Q: Will it work in sealed containers or plastic bags?
A: No, it will not penetrate sealed containers or plastic bags. You will notice that many plastic produce bags have holes in them; if not, you can make the holes yourself to allow the activated oxygen to reach the produce.
Q: How long will it last?
A: The MiniMate has no moving parts so unless it is dropped or something is spilled on it, it should last for many years. It has a 1 year warranty.
Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the MiniMate?
A: All products from HealthQuest Technologies, LLC come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Most families find they save enough in unspoiled food in about 6 weeks to pay for the cost of the product. This doesn’t even count the cost in medical bills if you get sick eating contaminated food! If you don’t feel the MiniMate has saved you money within 90 days return the unit for a full refund.

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