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About Us

About Us

Get to the root of your health and wellness with clean air! Pionair is the only choice for an air purifier!

HealthQuest Technologies, LLC is an owned and operated U.S. company that focuses on developing market products to help maintain and improve our customers’ health and welfare, with operations located in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Support your wellness from a new point of view — clean air! Our UV light air purifiers are quiet, yet powerful for an unmatched indoor air quality you won’t find in any other product!



The company is still growing and continues to prosper, as we are always looking for good products for our customers, and because of that, we welcome any suggestions for potential new product ideas or suggestions of how we can improve our services to our customers. We hope for integrity and fairness for customers and vendors because of our goal to provide a positive example of how to succeed in today’s competitive economy.


Chris Chase
Founding Partner

We strongly believe that we owe a civil dedication to our customers and community. We operate with a deeper vision of better the community around us and ensuring a socially-responsible role. Please feel free to watch the following video to see more insight into our overall business approach and dedication to our worldly community.

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