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Why Invest In a Pinoair Air Purifier? (Part Two)

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Not privy on photocatalysis air purification? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered.


In part one, we discussed the importance of clean air, the harm in polluted air, and why traditional air purifiers may not be your best option when it comes to clean, healthy air. 


At Pionair, we harness the power of UV light for photocatalysis — the leading air purification technology. Join us in today’s post as we learn more about UV light air purification and why Pionair is the only choice for better, healthier air!   

Why UV Light Air Purification?


There are a myriad of air purification options on the market that all address a certain aspect of air purification, but don’t tackle all the elements — odors and large and small particulates that impact our wellness. 


What’s different about Pionair air purifiers?


Not only do our air purifiers harness the power and energy of light, but it also goes beyond traditional air purifiers.


Pionair air purification tackles every kind of space.


Do you have a small apartment in NYC or expansive square footage in the hills of California? What about your commercial property or brick and mortar storefront? Pionair combats air pollutants in every kind of space, home or office, and large or small environments with three different sizes of air purifiers that can be placed around your home or office. There is no need to pick and choose or settle, clean air is possible!


Pionair can mitigate strong odors.


If you’ve moved into a house where people smoked indoors or even a rental that has strong pet odors, our air purification unit can help! If it’s a chronic smell that lurks throughout the whole house you can invest in a large Smart Pointe 1500 unit and move it from room to room, or get a couple of smaller units and place them in rooms throughout your home or office. 


If you’re looking to remove odors quickly from items such as your clothing or stinky shoes, you can place a unit in a closet, and close the door for an hour to remove the foul smells. 


Pionair combats dust, pollen, and pet dander. 


If you suffer from allergies or manage upper respiratory health issues, our UV light air purification combats the most common air pollutants leaving your home or office with fresh, clean air. 


Pionair supports your wellness.


Clean air may be the missing link to your wellness. If you feel like you’re doing everything right yet still fall short, it may be what’s in your indoor air! 


It’s been estimated that we take 20,000 breaths and we breathe in 3,000 gallons of air in our lungs daily and spend about 90% of our day indoors, so yes, the quality of the air you breathe is huge. 


Support your health and wellness when you improve your indoor air quality! 

Fight chemical particulates.


Most people don’t realize that a majority of their belongings leech chemicals — from your mattress and furniture to the cleaning products and paints you use. These chemicals in the short-term can cause fatigue, headaches, and skin irritations, and in the long-term can disrupt your hormones and cause other major health concerns. 


This is a huge issue yet many don’t consider their air polluted, but if you have these things in your home, your air is likely contaminated. So, air purification is imperative for every home and our air purification units can balance and promote healthy air while eliminating household chemicals.  


Filterless UV light air purification.


Filters are a fine way to promote clean air, but as we know, as they trap more and more contaminants, they become less and less effective. Air filters typically have to be changed frequently which is a large hassle and makes upkeep a chore. 


Our air purifiers are filterless so there is no need to have to change filters for efficiency — it’s clean air through the power of UV light. And, even more important, they’re low-maintenance.   


Pionair implements UV light as the source for air purification through photocatalysis. The air is purified when the contaminants are coated with titanium dioxide and agitated when exposed to the UV light. 


Let’s break this down step-by-step below. 

Clean air is pivotal in how our wellness, yet it’s majorly overlooked as a source of illness. But, when we realize how much we do breathe and recognize how the indoor air quality really does play a role, air purification becomes the solution!


And why not invest in the leading UV light air purification that implements photocatalysis? It’s quiet, filterless (low-maintenance), and combats dust, pollen, dander, foul odors, and chemicals to support your health.  


Now is the time to invest in clean indoor air — after all, we spend 90% of our time indoors, so why not breathe all the good stuff while eliminating the bad? 


Shop our air purification units today for a healthy air everyone deserves to breathe!