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Why Invest In a Pinoair Air Purifier? (Part One)

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Because clean air makes a difference — especially with an optimal air purifier!


Breathing clean air directly supports our health, yet most people don’t often include clean air as a part of their health and wellness routine! You can load your plate with veggies and train hard every day, but if your indoor air quality is suffering, so is your health.  


At Pionair, clean air is pivotal — it’s a non-negotiable to your wellness and it’s available to you for your home and office spaces. Invest in wellness through the power of UV light air purification!

Why Clean Air?


Clean air, it’s what we’re here for! To really get into the nitty-gritty of the importance of indoor air quality, start with these two posts (The Importance of Air Quality Part One and The Importance of Air Quality Part Two)


Clean air is essential to all that we do because breathing, well, keeps us alive! When the air is polluted with contaminants such as dust and pollen it can impact our health and quality of life. 


Contaminated air effects those that are healthy and those more susceptible to illness such as children and the elderly. Air pollutants include contaminants from living organisms such as pets and mold, and from gases and chemicals. 


The more we’re exposed to air pollutants in our indoor air quality, the more our health suffers. Symptoms can crop up as burning in the throat and nose, irritated eyes, fatigue, and headaches — and, if you know these symptoms you know they could be related to anything, which makes pinpointing polluted air as the culprit increasingly difficult.  


The Problem With Polluted Air


If you walk around your home or office, you may be able to spot dust on top of your electronics or in other nooks and crannies. If you don’t dust regularly, the settled dust provides the perfect picture on the problem with polluted air. 


Contaminated air is something we can’t see with the naked eye, but, like our electronics display, it settles all around us. Polluted air is insidious because it’s around us, but it’s widely undetectable.      


Why Common Air Purifiers Aren’t The Way


The path to clean, fresh air in your home or office isn’t through a traditional air purifier. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common air purifiers on the market.

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers have been marketed well! Because HEPA filters are widely used in the medical industry, there is a lot of trust built in their reputation. They became the choice in air purification for their ability to filter 99.97% of air particulates that are 0.3 microns and larger and they can filter chemicals, viruses, and bacteria fostering an optimal hygienic living environment. 


The downside to HEPA air purifiers? They require a filter to capture particulates, and over time, as the filter traps more and more particulates, it becomes less effective. HEPA filtration also does not remove odors, gases, or chemicals, and they can also produce a lot of noise. 


Air ionizers deal in ions — this may sound slightly similar to what we do at Pionair, but it is vastly different. Air ionizers rely on chemical injections, which is the first concern. You’re essentially introducing more chemicals to combat chemicals, like treats like, right?! Not in the air purification world! 

Negative ions or negatively charged oxygen ions, attract pollen and dust as a result of their charge. Great right? The ions trap particulates, and poof, air pollution is addressed. Yes, the ions are weighted down by the particulates but because there are no filters, they have nowhere else to go except in the walls or ground of the surrounding environment. 

The trouble is, air ionizers tend to only mask smells and when it comes to actually eliminating harmful particulates, they fall short. 

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has been used throughout the centuries for everything from removing the color out of sugar-based products to gas masks in WWI. Carbon is amazing because it is a vital building block with a connection to everything in our world, and when carbon is activated it is able to absorb a vast amount of pollution. 


The activated carbon filters of today quickly attract particulates and are extremely absorbent, making it the go-to air purifier for those who are especially sensitive to poor air quality. 


While carbon filters are great for reducing odors and chemicals from the air, they’re not effective for trapping other particulates such as pollen. 


It’s simple, improve your air to improve your health, and unfortunately, this isn’t with any old air purifier. There are still more air purification units to discuss and then we’ll get to the heart of UV light air purification, so look for part two very soon! 

If you’re ready to promote optimal wellness, get started with a Smart Pointe air purifier today! Shop here!