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The Ultimate Guide To Using Your Air Purifier (Part Two)

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Transform your stuffy home or business riddled with poor air quality with electrostatic air purification!


Believe or not, there is a right way to purify the air in your home! In part one, we discussed how the location of your air purifier and the space in which it encompasses is vital to how it operates. In today’s post, we’ll explore a couple more tips and dive into why photocatalysis air purification is the best way to clean the air in your home or business. 


Pionair creates clean air through electrostatic air purification and has made it available to homes and businesses for the healthiest air around! Continue the dialogue with us today as we wrap up the best ways to use your air purifier!

Use your air purifier optimally for the freshest air!


There is an ideal location and space that your air purifier needs to operate optimally, but what else? How else can you use your air purifier properly? Let’s explore more below!  


Keep your UV air purifier on!


Clean air doesn’t happen by itself, which is why keeping your air purifier on 24/7 is fundamental if you want healthy, fresh air in your home or business. Keeping the unit switched on is essential for everyone, but especially for those who are dealing with health issues such as allergies, respiratory illnesses, and in a home with smokers. 


The air cleaners of today are much different from those of the past — they are highly energy efficient, so just leave it on! Leaving your air purifier on is better for your space because it can continually combat odors and harmful air contaminants. If you were to only switch it on at night or at a specific time, you would lose out on all the benefits. 


Keep your house closed down.


While air circulation in your home or business is helpful if you’re using an air purifier, it negates the purpose if you leave windows and doors open, so it’s important to leave them shut when running your air cleaning unit. 


If you leave windows and doors open, contaminants are able to float right in and disrupt the balance, and, you’re essentially cleaning the outdoor air. 


Keep new air pollutants out by keeping your house sealed and shut while using an air purifier. 


For the cleanest air consider the following:


  • Caulk any leaky windows
  • Invest in new, energy efficient windows
  • Replace an old warped doors
  • Replace old rubber door stoppers


Choose a high-quality air cleaner!


The type of air cleaner you choose makes all the difference, and with the Smart Pointe air purifier, you get NASA-developed technology and clean air that supports your health! 


Experience the Pionair difference…


  • Filterless air purification
  • Breakthrough photocatalysis technology
  • A quiet and serene unit — no noise
  • Low-maintenance
  • Premier filtration of pet dander, odors, chemicals, and common allergens
  • Three-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Payment options to extend clean air for all


When an air purifier is much more…


The Pionair Smart Pointe UV air purification units go beyond just UV filtration and air ionizers — they elicit the power of photocatalysis. 


So, what is photocatalysis air purification?


There are three components that make our air purifier the leading in our industry and they include:


  • Water from the air
  • UV light 
  • Titanium dioxide


When UV light penetrates a titanium dioxide surface, electrons are released. The electrons then react with the water molecules in the air, creating what are known as hydroxyl radicals which are uncharged variations of hydroxide ions. 


The hydroxyl radicals are then able to attack the harmful air pollutants, breaking them apart and distributing them into harmless molecules such as carbon dioxide and water. 


So, the biggest difference and benefit of photocatalysis air purification is that the harmful contaminants don’t just get filtered, they’re transformed!


Cultivating clean air begins with an air purifier that works and actually cleans the air and doesn’t just trap the particulates or spread them into the walls and floor. To allow for optimal air purification, it’s crucial to keep your air purifier on 24/7 and ensure that your home or business is sealed up to prevent purified air from escaping and allowing for new air pollutants from the outdoors in. 


And, fresh, healthy air begins with photocatalysis air purification! Ditch the filters, the noisy, humming drone of other air filter units, and experience air purification that transforms the air your breathe and promotes a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. 


What Smart Pointe electrostatic air purifier is right for your home? All of our units correlate with the square footage of your space. So, the 350 covers up to 350 square feet in your home or office.  


It’s important when choosing an air purifier, to consider what you need it for. 


Do you have health issues or are you just looking to improve your indoor air quality?


If you’re managing health issues, the 750 or 1500 may be suitable for you, whether or not you have that much space. When you implement these units they are able to create cleaner, healthier air, faster. And, if you just want fresh, breathable air, choose a unit that will cover the space in your home or office. 


If you need assistance choosing the right size for your lifestyle, you can always connect with us for more guidance!


Clean air is essential to our health and wellness so even if you don’t think you need to improve your indoor air, chances are, you do! 

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