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The Ultimate Guide To Using Your Air Purifier (Part One)

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Get the most out of your UV air filtration unit with these tips!


Once you’ve made your choice on the type and size of your air filtration unit to use in your home or business — it’s a photocatalysis air purifier right?! — it takes some thought to put it in the best spot for optimal use. 


Pionair has designed an air purifier through the power of photocatalysis — water, UV light, and titanium dioxide — to provide your home with all the benefits of clean air. Join us in today’s post as we give you the best tips for the placement and use of your air purifier. 

Using Your Air Purifier


Using an air purifier is easy, especially the Smart Pointe. There are no filters to change that become less effective over time, but only a UV lamp that needs to be swapped out yearly. And, for the most part, you can place your air purifier and leave it to do the hard work of cleaning your indoor air, but there are some key points and tips to consider when using your UV air purification unit. 




The location of your air purifier is crucial for ideal optimal air purification. These units need space, their own breathing room, that is unobstructed with plenty of air circulation, so putting them against a wall or tucked in a corner isn’t the best placement. 


Instead, ensure all four directions are open and free. It’s also important to choose the right size air purifier for the room. Our Smart Pointe air filtration units come in 350, 750, and 1500 — the numbers correspond with the amount of square footage they can cover. 


If you’re in a small one bedroom apartment and your health is good, the 350 unit is perfect. The 750 and 1500 air cleaners are reserved for larger spaces or in an environment that needs to rapidly purifier the air 24/7. Such as those living with chronic illnesses or managing allergies and upper respiratory issues. 


A couple of pro tips for placing your air cleaner include:


  • Placing it where you spend the most time — bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens are very common.
  • If you suffer from allergies and have pets, placing one close to the pet’s sleeping area.
  • Investing in a couple of air purification units that you can place throughout your house, for quick filtration and the cleanest healthiest air!

Go with the flow.


It’s important to place your UV air in the right direction — this is more important for large, open living areas such as a space where the kitchen, dining, and living areas flow together. Picking a central point between all the rooms is a good idea; keep in mind where the heavy traffic areas are and place the purifier close by. 


If it’s a smaller room, it’s not as crucial because the air will naturally circulate in small areas. 


There are a couple of don’ts such as:


  • Don’t try and hide or disguise the air purifier
  • Don’t put the filtration unit in a corner
  • Don’t put it in a prime area so that it’s in the way


Optimal air purification is simple and you benefit from clean air that promotes good health! So, if you’ve been searching for ways to kickstart your health and wellness, fresh, healthy air is a great way to do it!


There are a couple more tips to review that go beyond the location of your air cleaner and how you place it, so look for it soon!


In the meantime, peruse our air filtration systems and experience the difference of fresh, clean air today!