Keeping A Healthy Home (In Cold And Flu Season)

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You’ll want to add these tips to your wellness arsenal!


Here we are. We’re well into fall — the kids are back in school, the boots are out, and pumpkin spice everything has invaded the season! As we transition into the cooler weather, we also welcome in cold and flu season and the germs and bacteria that cause illness. 


And while we all have a go-to wellness arsenal (lots of water, vitamin C, and soup) there are things you can do in your indoor environment to quell the nasty bugs that like to kick us when we’re down!


Better defend your home with cleaner air from Pionair! We’ve created a variety of UV air purifiers that improve the air of your home or business! Join us today and learn how you can keep a healthy home this season. 

4 Ways You Can Keep A Healthy Home (In Cold And Flu Season)!


We’re always looking for ways to combat illness in the cold and flu season, but have you ever considered how your home may be a culprit? So while you’re loading up on vitamin C and eating a ton of fresh veggies, you may want to spend time creating a healthy home environment and usher in only wellness in the colder months! Below are a couple of considerations for your home!


Clean your floors once a week. 


This sounds odd, but let us explain! In the cold weather, it’s much more likely that you track in debris since the leaves have fallen and there may even be some moisture on the ground, to which, it’s much more likely to follow you into your home. 


Now you may be thinking, but I take my shoes off at the door. While this is a great habit of getting into, it still poses an issue of debris getting inside. The debris can fall off and stay on the floor, drying out. 


Why does this pose an issue? Not only can germs and bacteria get trudged in, but when the debris dries out, it can get swirled around from the blowing vents — spreading all around the house. 


This not only kicks it straight up into the air but straight into your body — cue fall and winter allergies! The best way to control the debris from flying around your house and causing runny noses, uncontrollable sneezing, and watery eyes is to keep your floor clean! 


Sweep, mop, and vacuum weekly in the cooler months! 


Dust, dust, dust!


Dusting isn’t a cleaning routine that most households have, but it’s definitely one to consider! Dusting is great at any time of year, but especially when it gets colder. The heat turns on and kicks up the dust and then you also have the debris coming from your floors. Do yourself a favor and dust — it will help keep your respiratory pathways clear so your body can spend more energy fighting off any bugs that come your way!


Incorporate plants. 


Plants make everything better, but even more so in the winter! They’re alive and green and they also help with indoor air quality. Having a variety of houseplants can improve your home in the following ways:


  • Increase humidity
  • Improve harmful pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reduce dust concentrations
  • Stabilize air temperatures


Plants can also improve stress levels and the less we’re stressed, the more immune support we get. 


Get a UV air purifier! 


If there is one thing you can do to create a healthier home in cold and flu season, it’s arguably investing in an air purifier! Not only does it combat dust, debris, and harmful particulates, but it can also mitigate germs and bacteria that are lurking!


Are you ready to make your home healthier?


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