Is Air Filtration For You? (Part Two)

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Create a better indoor air quality today!


In part one, we recognized that some homes don’t incorporate air filtration because they think they’re healthy enough without, but as we’re finding, everyone can benefit from clean air! 


At Pionair, clean air is for every home even if you think your indoor air quality is good! Examine with us today more reasons why exactly air filtration is for you!

More Reasons Why Your Home Needs Air Filtration


In our previous post, air filtration is an important way to combat poor indoor air quality because not only do you live in an enclosed space, but you may be exposed to city air pollution and have modern conveniences (carpet, paint, furniture, etc) that off-gas causing harmful particulates in your air. Below are additional reasons air filtration is so important!     


You live in a high fire danger area or near a volcano.


Active fires and volcanoes are bad for the air quality and they emit dangerous chemicals and air contaminants, which only create health problems when you breathe them in. While this is a small chance and more of a what if scenario, but it can greatly impact your health.


A clean home isn’t your number one priority. 


It’s not like we’re one episode away from starring in Hoarders, but let’s face it, not all of us are type A like Monica in Friends! So, if cleaning isn’t your number one priority, no worries! An air purifier is the perfect addition, it removes harmful toxins and chemicals that are in the air and keeps dust at a minimum. In fact, an air purifier may be the next best thing to a housecleaner because it works on tough odors, pet dander, and other harmful air particulates that sometimes only get spread around — it takes everything and traps them. 


You do take cleaning seriously!


Even the most diligent and type A personality can benefit from air filtration! Do you recall us talking about how most homes have products and furniture that off-gas toxic chemicals? A home where cleaning is a top priority still has no control over the chemicals that are released, and who knows, an air purifier may even save you time in your cleaning schedule!


You have mature landscaping.


If you live in a home or apartment with trees, grass, and other landscaping, they can not only be a source of mold spores, but trigger allergies and upper respiratory issues. 


You’re a creative.


Whether you or another family member loves to create, the art may expose your home and other family members to harmful fumes. Because this is a shared, enclosed space, the fumes from acrylics to basic markers can linger, so improve the air and your art with air filtration. 


You live in a mixed business/housing building.


If you live above a business, even though you may have better air, the business below you may not. From industrial cleaners ongoing construction, you’re not spared from what happens below! Take more control and mitigate their poor indoor air quality with an air purifier that will improve the air of your space.


You live near traditional agriculture.


If you live in an area that produces agricultural crops, you may have a higher risk of exposure to the pesticides they use. So, why not take steps in preventing this with air filtration?! At least your home will filter these airborne chemicals and keep you better protected. 


You live near fracking.


If you’re in an area with an abundance of fracking sites, similar to agricultural pesticides you may be more greatly exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful chemicals such as benzene, and increased ozone particulates. Exposure has been linked to eye, nose, and throat irritations, cardiovascular issues, and respiratory problems. 


You live in a home with an attached garage. 


Believe it or not, garages are one of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution because they’re not only right next to your home, but there are rooms above and below it. Not only is there the pollution from vehicles and other equipment (lawnmowers, snowblowers, trimmers, etc), this is also the area where most people store paints, varnishes, and other toxic chemicals as a way to keep them out of their house. Logically, this makes sense, but the chemicals often heat up and disperse into the air and eventually penetrate your home. 


You have a fireplace or wood-burning stove.


While a fireplace or wood-burning stove are amazing in the cold, winter months, they can cause indoor air pollution and cause difficulties breathing and other health-related issues at relatively low-levels. So, get the best of both worlds and soak in the warmth while having clean air through an air purifier.  


Sometimes we don’t think of all the factors that can impact our air quality, but many things do. From agriculture and fracking, to simply creating art or making a fire, these things put chemicals and toxins into the air that may impact your health. 

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