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Is Air Filtration For You? (Part One)

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So you’re healthy and well, why do you need air filtration?


Clean air is an integral piece to your health and wellness and you might not even think you need it, but everything improves when harmful chemicals and particulates are removed. 


At Pionair, clean air is important to us and while there are many people who benefit from clean air, we believe, everyone benefits from having air filtration in their home! Explore today why, even though you are perfectly healthy, air filtration is important. 

Air Filtration In A Healthy Home


A healthy home looks different for everyone, but what you can imagine is a home where veggies and fruit overfloweth, emotional wellness is a priority, and fitness and movement is a foundation. So, why invest in an air purifier? After all, things are looking good! 


A quick word on indoor air quality…


With airborne contaminants, we know they’re harmful, but we aren’t exactly sure what the long term effects are. And, this is slow to be taken on by government agencies. We know that in over 82,000 chemical compounds, only a quarter have been tested and researched with their reported facts on humans.   


Clean air is just as an integral piece to health and wellness as clean water and living a healthy lifestyle are. 


So, why does every home need air filtration? Let’s dive in below!


You live in an enclosed space.


We all live in an enclosed space whether it’s a home, apartment, trailer, or other dwellings — and when it’s enclosed, chemicals, gases, odors, and other harmful particulates can get trapped. Remember: indoors is oftentimes more polluted than the outdoor air!


You have a newborn or are pregnant. 


While clean, fresh air will not only help with pregnancy-related issues — hello morning sickness — it prevents and mitigates harmful chemicals in the air that can affect the development of your baby.   


Research as indicated that when a fetus or newborn are exposed to chemicals and toxins early in life, they have a greater chance of developing disease later in life — only because it has more time to evolve. 

You have young children.


Not only are fetuses and newborns at risk, so are young children. Because they are still developing, an influx of chemicals and air pollutants taxes their tiny systems, making them more prone to asthma, allergies, and a compromised immune system. 


You are a senior. 


As we age and reach well past our 60s, let’s rejoice first that we made it, but keep in mind our bodies aren’t as efficient as they once were. So even though you’re living a healthy and vibrant life, a little extra support from cleaner air will always do us good! 


You like modern life!


Modern conveniences have made our lives so much easier, but as a result, have made them much more polluted. From the stain-resistant carpet you’ve installed to the household cleaning agents that make your home shine, so much of what we use in our indoor environment comes with chemical air pollutants.


There is nothing wrong with investing in a convenient life, but it does come with toxic off-gassing that spreads chemicals in and around your home. So, though you may not see or feel the effects right away, they’re there. 


You live in a city.


Many of us, if not most, live in a city where there are power plants and other industrial facilities that pollute straight into the air we breathe. It’s outdoors so why does this affect us? Unless you’re keeping your windows shut all the time and never leaving your house, the outdoor air does get in. 


Even worse is if you live in an area with higher outdoor air pollution and already have a home with stagnant air — you’re likely breathing in the pollution from the outdoors and indoors. 


You don’t have to be facing a health concern to get an air purifier, after all, there are so many reasons air filtration would benefit you, even if you are healthy! From living in a city to growing a family, air filtration only improves your wellbeing! There are many more to explore so stay tuned for part two!


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