Indoor Air Quality Action Plan (Part One)

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Take action and assess indoor air pollution in your home or office today!


Clean indoor air is just as important as the fresh air we breathe outside, and yet it often gets missed as a way to improve our overall quality of life. So, how does the indoor air in your home or office stack up? 


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Take Action And Get The Clean Air You Deserve!


Though we can’t typically smell or see dirty air, it can affect our health if left unaddressed. And since we spend the majority of our days indoors, it’s important that our spaces don’t have any major indoor air pollution red flags and that we work towards safer, cleaner air to protect our health. 


Below you’ll find an action plan with steps you can take today to improve your indoor air.


Step 1: Assess You Current Home Or Building 


It’s crucial to begin taking action by knowing exactly the source of your polluted indoor air. Walk through your home or building and identify potential risks. This is also a great time to review any records that may also indicate any factors leading to poor quality air. 


Below are some ways to begin assessing your indoor air quality with considerations and questions to help get you on the right track!


In your home:


  • Find records or review how old your appliances are
  • Review your last HVAC service
  • Check to see if you have a radon detector
  • Investigate if your home has been tested for radon
  • Were there prior renovations to your home and why were they done? 
  • Do you have water damage? 


In your building:


Identify any odors, unsanitary conditions, mold, mildew, standing water, excess moisture, blocked vents, overcrowding, uneven temperature, unusual noises from appliances/equipment, etc

Inspect the HVAC – Look to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced and make sure all the control setting work. 


As you walk through your home or building, this inspection helps you gain a good overview of the indoor environment and the factors that may be impacting the indoor air quality. This step is really about the fine details and making connections. For example, perhaps your building has discolored ceiling tiles or walls — this could indicate water or mold damage. 


Step 2: Address Any Current Indoor Air Quality Concerns


Not only can you take what you uncovered in step one, but this step also allows you to look into your own practices that may further contribute to poor indoor air quality — when you address the concerns and adjust your practices, you can establish better air quality in your home or building. 


Some issues may be quite easy to address or implement, while others may require outside assistance to help mitigate the problems. If you do find yourself needing outside assistance, it’s important to research and schedule any necessary services promptly. 


Action you can take today includes:


  • Identify sources, eliminate or modify the source, cover or isolate the source, modify the indoor environment.   
  • Increase ventilation and uncover any blocked vents or exhausts. 
  • Impart air filtration to clean the air indoors.


Building specific: Schedule services and construction that uses potentially harmful chemicals or toxins outside of working hours. 


We’ve reviewed two action steps that will help you identify ways to improve your indoor air quality which involves taking inventory of your home or business and beginning to address any current issues.


The value of healthy air is truly priceless! It improves your quality of life and promotes optimal health and wellbeing. With clean indoor air, you can avoid allergies, brain fog, and fatigue will deep breaths of clean air! 


There are a couple more action steps to take, but we’ve saved those for another post, so stay tuned for part two! In the meantime, up your indoor air quality with air purification from Pionair!


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