Businesses That Should Invest in Cleaner Air

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Does your business need a UV air purifier from Pionair?!


Indoor air quality affects us all, whether we know it or not! Oftentimes we have no idea how it’s impacting our health — the sniffles and headaches could be anything, right? But, the truth of the matter is, when our air is clean, it changes everything, maybe even how you do business!


Are you curious about how clean air can impact your business? At Pionair, we’ve created innovative UV air purifiers that combat nasty debris from dust and pollen to mold and other harmful air particulates. Follow along today and learn about the businesses that could benefit from air purification and how it might actually improve the way you do business!

Why does your business need clean air? 


We know that indoor air quality is often more polluted than our outdoor environment, which makes it all the more crucial that you, your employees, and your customers have clean air to breathe! 


Your Employees


If you’ve noticed a pattern where your employees are increasingly calling out or often comment about allergies, headaches, and other health issues in the office, it may be related to the air quality. 


And, when employees don’t feel healthy or safe in an environment, especially at work, the morale and culture of the team can tank — not to mention their physical health. This then trickles down and becomes an issue to the business — productivity decreases and employees are sick more often, which only means one thing, profit loss.

You need your employees at work producing quality work or at their best with clients, this is what makes you money! So, it’s important to improve their wellness and this can easily be done by improving the air quality! 


Your Customers


If you’re a client-facing business with a brick and mortar location, clean air benefits your customers. This may seem odd, but if you’ve ever stepped foot into a store where the air was stale and you felt like you couldn’t take a deep breath, your first reaction is to leave! Customers leaving is no good for business!


With clean, fresh air, it will keep customers feeling good and more willing to stay longer and shop! 


At the end of the day, being healthy is vital to every part of your business and will only improve its operations!


Now that we have a better understanding of why clean air is critical for businesses, let’s explore the business that should invest in clearer air!



Businesses That Need Cleaner Air


The sweeping sentiment to businesses that need cleaner air is, they all do! But, there are some that may need it more because of the type of business they run. 


Nail Salon


People love nail salons and with over 375,000 that buff, file, paint, and craft our nails, it also is a place of business that stinks of chemicals. Have you ever tried to have dinner next to a nail salon and could all you smell were the chemicals next door? This is an easy way to lose business for both parties!


This is why implementing at least one UV air purifier (we’d recommend more!) is important to not only your customers but a part of being a good neighbor! 


Nail salons are notorious for the glues, removers, polishes, and other nail products that are laden with chemicals and that easily diffuse in a generally small area. It’s also important to consider that there is also a risk for debris in the shavings from filed nails and dust from shaping acrylic nails. Together, this creates a potentially toxic and harmful indoor environment. 


If you’re a nail salon owner, a Smarte Pointe 1500 is a great air purification unit to begin with!  


Arts And Craft Store


While an arts and craft or paint store may not be as malodorous, they still contain a variety of products including, paints, varnishes, stains, etc that can be harmful to our health when continually exposed.  


UV air purification from Pionair would greatly benefit the employees that work amongst it and the customers that are in shopping. 




While neither Ben And Jerry’s nor Cinnabon should ever try and mitigate their delicious smells (this is free marketing), some restaurants may benefit! 


If you make strongly scented food fare, think sushi or fresh seafood, a UV air purifier may be beneficial — the smell is still there which can draw people in, yet it won’t be so pungent. This is also great for your business neighbors, after all, you never want to be in the middle of a massage smelling sushi, or, maybe you do! 


If putting an air purifier in your actual restaurant doesn’t feel quite right, placing them in the public bathrooms is always a good idea!


Thrift Stores


We all know the certain smell of a second-hand clothing store — some love it and some don’t! Because these stores often have a lot of people coming and going in addition to the merchandise constantly changing, the smells can vary! Combat odor, debris, and germs with a UV air purifier!


Used Book Stores


The smell of a used book store can be nostalgic, but it can also be a place where dust gathers! It can be hard to control and mitigate the dust that occurs in a used booth store, especially if the kind where the books are piled high from floor to ceiling! 


Cut down on the dust by capturing before it even hits the books! This, in turn, cuts down on allergies, which keeps you and your customers healthier. 

Printing Stores


A print shop is where we go to not only find printing supplies but to make copies and sometimes even send packages. 


If you’ve ever had to stay in a print shop longer than necessary (those lines!) sometimes you can get dizzy and nauseous. The toner and the heat that many of these machines produce create an unhealthy indoor environment. 


An air purifier is a great way to tackle the chemicals and particulates in the air to create an environment that people want to be in!


Auto Shops


Auto shops are yet another place of business where an air treatment system would benefit both the employees and the customers. Many automotive products are toxic and just smell bad, so why not improve the air for a healthier, fresher business? 


Coffee Shops

We love the smell of coffee — most people do — but when you sit in a coffee shop for hours, you walk out and you smell of stale coffee and pastries. This is not an attractive smell! To freshen the smell, a high-quality air ionizer will do the trick! 

Clean, fresh air is important for all businesses to have, it’s just better for business and may even improve your ROI! And while we’d argue that every business needs a UV air purifier, there are some businesses where they should be mandatory! Places from nail salons, arts and craft stores, and restaurants to thrift stores, used book stores, printing stores, and auto and coffee shops. 


If you’re ready to invest in a more healthier business, begin with fresh air today!


Connect with us today and learn what Pionair UV air purifier is right for you — choose from a large variety great for any home or business!