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8 Hints You May Need An Air Purifier

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Because clean air — with the help of an air purifier — helps keep you healthy!

We all want to be healthy and feel our best, after all, it’s the reason the health and wellness industry is booming. Whether it’s the new fitness craze or trying out a keto diet, anything we can do to get one step ahead, we’ll try!

And, this is where a home air purification system can be beneficial to your wellness!

At Pionair, we support your journey in health and wellness and are happy that clean air is a part of it! If you’ve been holding off on an air purifier, today’s post is one you won’t want to miss! Join us as we examine some hints your home may need an air purifier!


The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Hints May Need Cleaner Air!

Fatigue. Brain fog. Sleeplessness. These are all health issues that can be a result of anything, including poor air quality! So, why not invest in an air purifier? Let’s dive into hints that your home needs an air purifier!


You have health issues.

Clean air is a great place to begin and a small, tangible way to make changes. Clear air supports your entire immune system to help give you a needed boost, but also promotes well-being with other health concerns such as emphysema, asthma, or COPD. 

Managing an upper respiratory condition is one hint that you need an air purifier because it is vital in keeping the air quality balanced and any air contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, and debris in check. 

Those emphysema, asthma, and COPD have sensitive airways, so being able to control one variable through an air purifier is one piece of the healing puzzle. 

Even if you don’t have an identifiable health issue but you feel a little more run-down, fatigued, or have an increased amount of headaches it could all be due to your air quality, and, if it’s not, clean, fresh air will only support your health!  


Your allergies are out of control.

Whether it’s springtime or the dead of winter, if you’re sneezing uncontrollably, there’s an issue. It could be a result of what’s going on outside and it could also be your indoor air quality. There are many things that float around your home such as pollen, dust, and pet dander that could be causing your allergies. 

And, if you’ve ever experienced allergies, not only do they wear on your body and cause fatigue, they can make you feel flat out miserable with watery eyes, an itchy throat, and runny nose. So what if an air purifier could alleviate that?   


Your home is chock-full of synthetic chemicals.

We often don’t consider our homes as nesting places for a host of synthetic chemicals, but the truth of the matter is, most homes have high levels of chemicals that are harmful to our systems. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found throughout your home, and you may not even know it. They’re found in carpet, flooring, furniture, paints, varnishes, and much, much more. 

Harmful chemicals are even found in bath and body products, household cleaners, candles, and air fresheners. So, while you may think you’re making your home clean and fresh, really all you’re doing is spreading toxic chemicals around your home!


You have stagnant, stale air.

You know the air — the somewhat off stench that just doesn’t smell great? This is the stagnant air that traps and holds odors and not only does it not smell good, but it’s not great for your health either. 

If you’re in an energy-efficient home this is great news but one of the benefits of older homes is the windows didn’t seal as tight, so the house was allowed to breathe naturally and help keep the air fresh and moving. Today, everything is sealed so well so nothing has the ability to move around unless you open a window. 

Freshen the air and help get it flowing with an air purifier!


You have a teenage boy! 

Maybe it’s teenagers in general, but if you have a teenage boy, you know how they can get. They’ll go out and tromp around in the summer and refuse to shower or put on deodorant — being stinky is a way of life for teens! This lack of hygiene can make your home and their rooms not so appetizing!

An air purifier is a great compromise to teens are okay with being smelly, while keeping your home smelling fresh. 


You’re pregnant!

Congrats! You’re a growing a tiny human! While there are so many dos and don’ts you hear, clean air is always a benefit. You may notice that your body is extra sensitive and on overdrive from an influx of hormones flooding your body, and an air purifier keeps all the harmful particulates away while mitigating strong scents that may trigger morning sickness.


You have dust mites all around.

Dust mites are those strings of settled dust that attach themselves to shoes or in the corners of your home. It’s a common thing that they gather, but it can affect your health — if there are dust mites gathering on the ground, there are definitely some floating around in the air! 

An air purifier helps with the dust particulates in your home and since they’re cleaning them from the air, it’s actually keeping your home cleaner because you won’t have to sweep or mop them up as often. 


You snore.

While snoring may be related to other health issues, if you notice you start doing it out of the blue, it could be from congested airways resulting from an abundance of air contaminants. An air purifier helps you sleep better — because of cleaner air — which means you could be snoring less!

Clean air is the gold standard when it comes to your health — once it’s addressed, you’re body can start recovering faster. So, if your home or body is hinting to you, it’s time to listen and invest in clean air today. 


For more information on the air purifiers we have for small, medium, and large spaces, reach out to us today!