How does the Pionair work?

The PIONAIR uses NASA inspired technology to treat all three classes of indoor air pollutants. These are microbial (germs, fungi or mold and viral), chemical vapors or organic odors (bleach or ammonia and rotten eggs or smelly pets), and particulate (pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander).

By aiming UV light at a specific point on the light spectrum at a titanium dioxide target a photo-catalytic reaction is created. Since all matter has either a positive or negative electrical charge, we take advantage of this. The indoor pollutants have a positive charge and the technology has a negative charge so it is drawn magnetically out of the unit and into the treatment area. This is why you do not need either a fan or a filter.

What makes up the Pionair air system?

The system consists of a base, either a standard or Smart Pointe, and a lamp module. The lamp module is interchangeable, giving you flexibility to use the system in various situations and size areas. There are no moving parts or messy filters to clean.

Should I choose the Smart Pointe or Standard Pionair?

If you are struggling with airborne particulate, such as pollen, dust, pet dander, or smoke, choose the Smart Pointe. If you do not have airborne particulate, choose the Standard Pionair. Both the Standard and the Smart Pointe are effective against mold, mildew, organic odors, or chemical vapors (such as formaldehyde).

Which model do I need: 350, 750, or 1500?

The Pionair is engineered to treat different size areas. The technology will go around corners, but does not go through walls or closed doors. The 350 models treat up to 350 sq. feet, and are best for single rooms, like offices or bedrooms. The 750 models treat up to 750 sq. feet, and are best for combination rooms, like a kitchen/dining room. The 1500 models treat up to 1500 sq. feet, and are best for large open areas or most apartments or condos. You may want multiple units for your home – especially if you have upstairs rooms. The Pionair is lightweight, so you can easily move it from room to room.

Where should I locate my PIONAIR system?

Many pollutants, such as smoke, are lighter than air, and therefore, rise. For best performance, locate your unit head high so that we treat your breathing space first, usually 5-6 ft. above the floor. On a bookshelf or on top of your refrigerator is ideal.

Usually you want to locate centrally in the area you are treating, however you may wish to locate your unit where odors are particularly offensive or strong, such as a smoking room, kitchen, or near a litter box until the problem is corrected and then relocate to a more central area. Multiple units may be used for larger areas with excellent results.

Keep in mind the technology will not go through walls or closed doors.

How much ozone does the Pionair create? How much ozone in a confined space is safe?

The Pionair generates a maximum of .04 parts-per-million within the treatment area. This is below the FDA max output level for indoor areas. So if you are running a Pionair 750 in a 750 sq. ft. room, it will generate no more than .04 ppm of ozone. In actual living environments that we have tested the ozone levels tested at less than .01 ppm.

Does the unit need to run all the time?

It is a good idea to run your unit 24/7 for two reasons. First pollutants are constantly being reintroduced into your environment by opening doors for example. Second you breathe 24/7 so you want to insure that the air you bring into your body is as healthy as possible.

You may turn your unit off using the off on switch on the back. This does not harm the unit or affect its performance. This is usually done if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.

Is there any maintenance required?

No; only the replacement of your lamp module once a year. This is necessary even if the lamp is still working. If you inspect the lamp after a year will see that a portion of it is discolored or frosted over. Since this is a light driven technology when you prevent the light from shinning fully on the target thus preventing catalytic reaction from occuring. Since this the core of the technology your unit will not give you the air treatment you deserve.

Can I use my unit to stop mold or mildew in a wet carpet or damp basement?

No this technology does not kill surface mold and mildew. You will need to re-mediate the surface mold and mildew. This may require a professional. What the technology will do is reduce the air borne mold spores so that you are not inhaling them as you come into the area or are in the process of re-mediating the mold.

Even after re-mediation there will still be air borne mold spores so we recommend you leave the unit on in the area for several days.

What about my clothes? Can I eliminate dry cleaning odors or smoke smell?

Yes. Place your unit in a closet with dry-cleaned or smoke filled garments for one hour with the door closed. Also good for stinky tennis shoes using the same method.

Does the technology help with pet dander?

Yes. The passive negative ionization will drop particulate (pet dander) from the air. This is an ideal application for the Smart Pointe units as they will drop the pet dander out of your breathing space about three times faster giving you relief much quicker.

Can this unit be used for travel?

Yes. The unit with the 350 module is ideal for travel. Its compact size is easy to pack and set up in motel rooms, RVs, vacation homes, and boats.

What is photo-catalyst?

It is the reaction of titanium dioxide when exposed to UV light at a certain point on the light spectrum. This is the heart of the Pionair technology. Photo (light) catalyst (chemical reaction).

Can you refurbish my old replacement lamp module?

No, the replacement modules are not reusable. However, you can recycle your lamp module with your plastic items.